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Modern Jive in the heart of Bristol  

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we have answered all your questions here? If not please email us or give us a call

Q: Do I need to come as a couple?
A: No. Every week we have singles, couples and pairs of friends turning up. We are a very sociable group and mixing is very easy.

Q: What do I need to wear?
A: In general people wear casual comfortable clothes for classes and dress up more for dance nights.

Q: Do I need special shoes?
A: Lots of dance shoes are available - we can help with advice. As a new dancer the only real no-no's are trainers or 4 inch heels.

Q: Do I need to book a course?
A: No you pay as you arrive each week. The price of £6.00 covers the whole evening.

Q: When is best time of year to start?
A: The nature of easy learning with LeRoc means we have no term start so no worries if you miss a a week or so.  Plus you choose when you are ready to move up to the Intermediate Class.