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Modern Jive in the heart of Bristol  

About Trinity LeRoc

We have been running classes for around 12 years, firstly at the New Trinity Centre, hence the name, and now at the BAWA Club in Filton. We try and make classes both sociable and educational and have new members every week plus some since we first began.

About LeRoc (Modern Jive)

When Rock N Roll became less popular in the UK in the 1970's it continued to develop in France where it became, and still is, the dance that family and friends would do at family gatherings. Couples tended to dance in lines or slots and as the moves became more expansive the music reduced in pace to compensate. The dance returned to the UK in the 80's as CeRoc (which after a while split into CeRoc, a Modern Jive Franchise) and LeRoc The Modern Jive Independents. Many other flavours exist like MoJive, Ginger Jive and Jive Plus but all teach the same Modern Jive moves albeit with different names and slightly different teaching styles. Today you can dance any night of the week in most towns and cities across the country. Every weekend you can find a dance within a short drive of home.