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Modern Jive in the heart of Bristol  

Trinity Crew


Dave who normally teaches both classes Former UK Jive Top Five dance champion Dave has been dancing for around twelve years and teaching for over eight.  He and his partner Katya have taught hundreds of social dancers and even some UK Champions.  He says "Nobody really has two left feet and anybody can learn to dance, think of Darren Gough".


Kat, Katya or Katz who normally teaches the Intermediate Class Former UK Jive Bronze Medallist and teacher Katya is always looking for that little extra to improve your dancing.  Along with her partner Dave, she usually teaches the Intermediate Class.  She says "If you enjoy something then you will learn quicker and as a bonus get fit and have fun".


Juls who normally teaches the Beginners Class Juls normally teaches the Beginners class with Dave and occasionally teaches Beginners and Intermediates with Mike.  Juls is always smiling and you can normally see her dancing with our new beginner men.  She says "Get the basics right and you will have lots of time to add those lovely touches of style" .


Mike who teaches Intermediates when Dave and Katya are away Mike keeps us all in check on how we should teach a move and its name!  His extensive knowledge of the correct method of teaching (19 years) helps to balance Dave's more avant-garde style.  Mike occasionally teaches both Beginners and Intermediates with Juls and says "Keep things simple at first and you will have a great foundation for the future".


Gareth who teaches Beginners Plus Gareth was born the same day and year as Dave and so exhibits the same avant-garde style.  He has great enthusiasm and with his partner Jill are a fabulous team for Beginners +.  He says "Jill and I have to cover all the bits that Dave and Juls missed in Beginners; no wonder we always run late".


Jill who teaches Beginners Plus

Jill is a fabulous member of the team who always throws herself into whatever needs to be done.  With her partner Gareth she takes the Beginners + class which has helped so many newcomers over those first few weeks at LeRoc.  She says "It’s great to be a part of the whole Trinity LeRoc adventure; everybody is really friendly".


B is always around helping on the dance floor B is Mike's partner and keeps things moving smoothly on the dance floor.  While the rest of us are teaching it’s great to have B keeping everyone happy, often with just her infectious smile. She says "Don't say to Mike 'you don't need a rocket scientist to do whatever', because he is one".

Ann and Ted

Ann and Ted on the door to welcome you

Ann and Ted (Mum & Dad to Dave) are the friendly faces you meet at the door.  Not only do they take your money but make you feel very welcome and explain the format of the evening.  They say "It’s amazing how well number two son (Dave) has done, considering.